Longboard seeks to protect and grow your wealth with alternative investments that traditionally were unavailable to retail investors

Our rigorous approach builds on nearly two decades of original research and development.

All of our funds are grounded in systematic, long-term trend following. This is an established strategy that helps capture persistent trends as they develop across global markets.

Our team got its start managing the assets of several wealthy, Phoenix-based investors. We sought access to the quality, alternative investments favored by institutional investors because we believed these investments could spur long-term capital growth.

Nothing in the marketplace met our needs. So, we created it ourselves.

  • Our founders began original trend following research in 1997 based on insights from Jack Schwager’s influential Market Wizards book series.
  • Six years later, our team started building better investors as Blackstar Funds—backed by one of the Market Wizards, Tom Basso.
  • A series of venture capital funding revamped Blackstar Funds as Longboard Asset Management. Within five years, the firm grew to a nearly half a billion-dollar asset manager (as of 12/31/2017).

Our alternative investment strategies seek to deliver a diversification edge for our clients.

Our team has stayed true to our vision of disrupting the financial services industry by seeking to blend traditional products with an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re a team of investment professionals that seeks to innovate products and services that transform our clients' businesses and portfolios.

We have attracted talent from established investment firms, as well as entrepreneurs funded by Silicon Valley incubator YCombinator.

The best ideas win in our team-based environment, and we are driven to provide quality, alternative investments that help you reach your client’s financial goals.

Cole Wilcox

Chief Executive Officer,
Co-Chief Investment Officer,
Portfolio Manager

Michael Striano

Portfolio Manager

Sarah Baldwin

Portfolio Manager

Howard Fraser

Managing Director

Curtis Christensen

Chief Compliance Officer

Shawn Serikov

Computer Systems Analyst

surfer Why are we named Longboard? Novice and experienced surfers alike favor the longboard for its ability to handle all kinds of wave conditions. The length and buoyancy create a balanced ride and keep the surfer in the curve of the wave longer. Opportunities to ride all kinds of waves abound in modern capital markets, but not every strategy is capable of catching them or providing a smooth, balanced ride. Our alternative funds seek to enable clients to catch these waves and to ride them successfully, even as market conditions shift beneath them.

As pioneers in the alternatives space, we often are called upon to comment on market trends and movement. We strive to provide valuable insight into the current environment.

A Watched Portfolio Rarely Performs

Perception can distort reality when it comes to portfolio performance, Longboard notes for Kiplinger.

April 12, 2017

Take Executive Action For Your Portfolio

In Kiplinger, Longboard offers three steps to consider if you want to take inspiration from President Trump and make your portfolio great again.

March 13, 2017

If you’d like to cover Longboard for media or need assistance in the alternatives space, we’ll connect you with our experts and research to make your story come to life.

Email media@longboardfunds.com and we’ll be in touch shortly.

The True Cost of Owning Stocks

Longboard argues in Value Walk that there are a lot more management fees than meet the eye if you go below the surface of some passive equity investments.

February 8, 2017

Did the Donald Trump the Fed and the Bond Market?

Just by getting elected, Trump has done what the Federal Reserve has been trying to do for years with quantitative easing: steepen the yield curve. Longboard’s Stephen Scott argues that means a long period of interesting times for bonds on CNBC.

December 14, 2016

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Longboard Asset Management
Type: Private company
Industry: Asset management, alternative investments, mutual funds
Clients: U.S. financial advisors
Products: Managed futures strategy, long/short strategy, multi-strategy
AUM: Approximately $500 million (as of 12/31/17)
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
Employees: 35

Longboard Rebalance Conference

February 1-3, 2017
Phoenix, AZ